Steps from Old to New  Step 1: Consultation and Measure A visit to your home allows us to better visualize your project goals and expectations. We note the limitations posed by the infrastructure of your residence, then conceive a range of new design possibilities.  This preliminary review and our detailed measurements are complimentary services.   Step 2: Design and Plans A rare few people can visualize what someone else describes in words or simple sketches so we provide a floorplan first, followed by colorful accurate drawings and simple-to-read plans that will give you confidence that your “dream"  kitchen, bath, or multi-room renovation will delight you.   Step 3: Selection of Materials and Budget Setting With drawings to guide us, we further explore and develop  the “look” that you are seeking and the budget that you want to maintain. Magazine pictures are helpful here. Then we focus on material selection. This is aided by our extensive photo gallery of completed projects and beautifully selected samples that are on hand to refine your taste and direction.  Step 4: Sourcing through Trade and Wholesale Showrooms Our personally selected showrooms offer the most extensive current materials. It is an outing you will enjoy as the products are trending, beautiful, and of high quality. Working with showroom specialists also gives us  access to knowledgeable industry professionals to assist in the best selections. Our sources provide us with prompt estimates for your review.   Step 5: Contractors and Other Professionals If you already have a trusted General Contractor that you want to work with--excellent! Otherwise, we have many experienced and reliable professionals to recommend who are well-suited to the job at hand—neither too large nor too small for the project. That way, you get the time, expertise, and attention that your project deserves.  Step 6: The Work Letter This is an important step for several reasons:  a) getting consistent G.C. quotes, b) meeting any Board or Agency requirements that may be required for approvals, and 3) for budgeting. We can help you prepare it so it is clear and complete.  Step 7: Scheduling the Renovation If you like, you can rely on us to help you select and purchase any hard surface materials. In most cases, our trade pricing will save you significantly. We do this on a fee basis which can be discussed on request. One  big advantage--your  floors, tile, counters, cabinetry, fixtures, appliances, lighting, and other items will be there when needed--not on a boat from overseas or out of stock. Your quantities will be tightly calculated, and your contractor's requirements will be met.  Step 8: Project Management Yes, you can go on vacation or just concentrate on your job or family. We can be on site regularly to assess quality of work and progress, to troubleshoot and provide liaison to your contractor.   Step 9: The Punch List Your final review will create a list of detailed items to correct or complete before you sign off. Once this is achieved and the premises are immaculate, your newly renovated home will be your
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